Our Cheese

Brighton Blue


Cow's Milk, Pasteurised, Vegetarian

This Cheese has a slightly open, semi-soft texture, a mellow blue flavour and a  slightly salty finish. The distinctive blue green veins in the cheese deepen as the cheese matures, and the taste of the blue becomes stronger.

£2.86 per 100g £28.60 per 1KG

Seven Sisters


Sheep's milk, Pasteurised, Vegetarian

A Semi-soft sheep milk cheese with a light coating of pure wild Hebridean Seaweed. 

£3.56 per 100g £35.60 per 1KG

Sussex Scrumpy


Cow's Milk, Unpasteurised, vegetarian

A tongue-tingling blend of garlic, cider and herbs are added to the Olde Sussex curd while it is still in the vat to give this cheese a unique flavour. Matured for 3-4 months.

£3.30 per 100g £33.00 per 1KG

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